Lecturing and Judging

Toni has ben asked to judge on various televised and non-televised events. Toni also gives lectures on various industry trends and concepts throughout the year. You can book Toni for your event, simply click on the "contact" link.


July 2012: R16 in Seoul, Korea "Locking Category"
August 2011: RuPaul’s Drag U
June 2009: So You Think You Can Dance?
July 2008: So You Think You Can Dance?
May 2007:  Step It Up & Dance
2009: Spot Light Award
2004: Spot Light Award
Street Dance Competitions

Street Dance Competitions:
2013: Hip Hop International in USA “Locking Category”
2013: Bust A Move (BAM) in Canada “Locking Category”
2014: Hip Hop International in USA “Locking Category”

2012 Hip Hop International in USA "Locking Category"
July 2012: R16 in Seoul, Korea "Locking Category"
2012 K.O.D. China street dance preliminaries, locking category.
2011 Freestyle Sessions Los Angeles Locking Category
2011 Hip Hop International "Locking Category"
2011 Hip Hop international "All Styles Battle Category"
2011 Freestyle Session in Tokyo Japan “Locking” Category
2010 Hip Hop International "Locking Category"
2010 B Boy Summit "Locking Category"
2007: Freestyle session: (Locking Category)
2006: The Battle of the Belt :(Locking Category)
2006: How the West Was Won:  (Locking Category)
2005: How The West Was Won:  (Locking Category)



2013 August 9
Hip Hop International Las Vegas
“Street Dance and Locking History”

2013 May 3
BAM Montreal, Canada
“Street Dance and Locking History”

MOCA panel discussion
Dennis Hopper and Bruce Conner:The Nonconformists.
In conjunction with Dennis Hopper Double Standard at MOCA 

2009 October 29
Santa Monica College
The History of American Street Dance and choreography in Television and Movies'

July 2008 John Anson Ford theater
TV MOVES! LIVE Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

2007 The B Boy Summit : Panel: Women in Street Dance.
Magic Moments of Dance and Choreography in Television.
Hosted by Kenney Ortega for the Academy of Televisions Arts and Sciences  
2007 UCLA
Pop Culture Department.
History of  American Street Dance and the development of the song and video "Mickey".
2007 UCLA
Dance Department
Choreography in Movies and Television