Latin Biography

Photo by Rose Eichenbaum-Courtesy of Masters of Movement

Toni Basil may be best known for her accomplished choreography career and hit single "Mickey," however for the past decade she has immersed herself performing and choreographing in the world of Latin dance. Her expertise is in Salsa, Mambo, Afro Cuban, Flamenco and Argentinean Tango, and in 1995 began to play Latin percussion. Toni has done extensive musical studies in Salsa, Afro-Cuban, Rumba, and Santeria, all the while studying no fewer than seven different percussion instruments used in that rhythm. In 1996 she sang with LA’s most popular salsa band Son Mayor, and one year later sang, played percussion, and was the dance soloist with the Latin band of Cecilia Noel and the Wild Clams. She continues to be requested as a guest performer in many of the Latin bands in Los Angeles and Salsa dance companies in LA and New York. In 2002 Ms Basil choreographed the Latin Carl’s, Jr. commercial featuring Ms Cecilia Noel. Toni has coached several Salsa and Mambo groups including "Salsa con Funkshion", "Sherry and Ramón", "Seaon Stylest", "Essence" and many more. CNN broadcast a featured story on Toni’s Latin connection. The Latin Dance Competition at the Hollywood Bowl and The Los Angeles Salsa Congress, the largest convention of its kind in the world, has asked Toni Basil to judge their dance competitions year after year. The photographer Rose Eichenbaum included Toni Basil in her book, Masters of Movement: Portraits of America’s Great Choreographers; Toni chose to be photographed in a Cuban costume. With Latin a significant part of her extensive repertoire, one can truly consider Ms. Basil’s talents in movement and music world class.

Representation: Julie McDonald • Tony Selznick • Andrew Jacobs