Billboard magazine's #1 song for the month of December, 1982, Mickey was installed in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as one of the groundbreaking singles of the 1980s, The Mickey music video, was shown at the Museum of Modern Art in 1992, Toni earned herself a place as an American Video Artist in the coveted Museum of Modern Art's calendar.

Toni Basil received a double platinum record for her smash single Mickey and a Gold Album for 1981's Word Of Mouth and , and holds the same from the UK, Canada and Australia. She received a Grammy nomination for her Word Of Mouth long-form video album, which she conceptualized, produced, choreographed, and directed.

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Mickey Live


Shoppin' A–Z


Wham! Re-bop Live on the Jerry Lewis Telethon (1978)

Gold Records 45’s

  • Chrysalis over 1 million copies “Mickey” Gold Album
  • Australia Radialchoice “Mickey” Gold Album 1982
  • Radialchoice UK “Mickey” 1982 Over 500,000 Gold Album

Platinum Records 45’s

  • 1982 Chrysalis single “Mickey”over 2 Million copies Platinum Record
  • Canadian Radialchoice “Mickey” Platinum Record 1983
  • Radialchoice UK over 250,000 1982 Platinum Record

Double platinum 45’s

  • Radialchoice over 200,000 units 1983 Double Platinum
  • Chrysalis Gold record “Word of Mouth more than 500,000 Copies of long playing record album
  • Radialchoice /Virgin. “Word of Mouth” Canadian recording 50,000 units 1983 Gold Record


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